What’s All The Fuss About Wine Anyways?

The world of wine is a truly fascinating one. What other libation do we enjoy by ourselves or in a group, that can appeal to all our senses and our intellect at the same time?Each glass of wine we consume is connected to some specific geography, has some interesting history, is made and truly enjoyed by people who are passionate about the subject. We’re not talking about wine snobs here – nobody likes a wine snob.

Wine and Food
Food and wine are meant to go together. However, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, not all food and wine taste good together. Are there any food-and-wine rules? Only one: The best wine to pair with the meal is the one you like!

Long gone are the days of the old food pairing of red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat and fish. For some, the end objective is to choose a wine and food combination that will bring out the best in the food and enhance the subtleties of the wine. For others, the objective is to choose a combination that includes food they enjoy without affecting the way the winemaker intended his wine to be consumed. Today’s vintners are crafting more and more ‘food friendly’ wines for us to enjoy.

Despite what you might think, foods almost always change the way wines taste, hardly the other way around. On a few occasions, the perfect match explodes on your palette and with all the stars in alignment creates a magical gastronomic experience.

The wine lists in Jamaican restaurants continue to improve. In fact, a number of places featured in this issue were nominated for the Jamaica Observer Food Awards ‘Best Wine List’ category in 2008 and 2009. So remember to start asking for the wine list once you’ve been seated.

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