Chinese Cuisine in Jamaica

The finest quality Cantonese cuisine is alive and well in Jamaica, and older Jamaicans often reminisce about historic Chinese restaurants, such as “Cathay’s,” “Golden Dragon” and “Mee Mee” of yesteryear. Today, the Jamaican “China Town” landscape offers a wider variety of Chinese cooking styles, and is replete with fine dining and “takeout” enterprises; with many restaurants providing delivery service.

In the Chinese lexicon of cuisine, Cantonese cooking is one of the finest of eight traditions; and it abounds in Jamaica and the Caribbean Region, as a result of early migration from the Guangdong region of China. This style of cooking relies on the freshness of its primary ingredients, and favours steaming and stir frying. And, locally, the blending of meats, seafood and spices with starch and sauces have resulted in a distinctive quality and style.

Chinese restaurants such as Dragon Phoenix and China Express continue in the fine tradition of Jamaican Chinese cuisine…and offer your favourite menu…from hot and sour soup, egg rolls, any of a variety of fried rice dishes, chicken, pork, beef, and seafood, to vegetables and miscellaneous creations.

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