Famous Jamaican Sauces

Jamaican spices and meat sauces are highly rated around the world, particularly the legendary Pickapeppa Sauce, which has been manufactured in Shooters Hill, Manchester since 1921.

This brand, which ranks among fa-mous sauces and is exported around the world, can be used to sauté and marinate meats; and works whether you are basting, grilling, stewing, or broiling.

It is said that former Cuban President, Fidel Castro, following his official visit to Jamaica, developed a liking for Pick-apeppa sauce; and spoke kindly about its “piquancy.”

In 1978 Walkerswood Caribbean Foods, in the hills of Walkerswood, St. Ann, came along with its range of sauces, seasonings and condiments; and, today, the Company manufac-tures more than 20 innovate brands from—its traditional Jerk Seasoning, Jerk Marinades, Jerk BBQ Sauce, and Hot Pepper Sauce to Sorrel Chutney.

And, in recent times, “Reggae, Reggae Sauce,” made famous by Jamaican Levi Roots, who pioneered the product in the United Kingdom, having won in-vestment support on The Dragon’s Den television show; and is now a Jamaican sauce multi-millionaire. Levi Roots plans to open a spice shop at Devon House, in Kingston, in November 2013.

On a recent radio show, he revealed that the shop was his first Jamaican business venture…as he “brings the sauce back home.” However, he also plans to get involved with other local based enterprises.

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