Gastronomic Jamaican Cuisine: Glorious Food

“Food Glorious Food” was one of the most poignant arias in the musical version of “Oliver,” which played on Broadway in New York, USA, for many years. In like mode, any song about Jamaican cuisine would be a cacophony of ethnic sounds, as Jamaican chefs blend their racial and cultural diversity, exemplified in the national motto, “Out of Many, One People,” to create a new dimension in their culinary art.

Today, Jamaica has become a diner’s paradise with its extensive range of elegant restaurants, trendy eateries, cook shops, cook stands, and discerning caterers who have emerged to prepare ethnic and international meals which continue to delight the palates of our people and visitors to this award winning tourist destination.

The Jamaica Restaurant Menu Guide 2013 has brought together a truly unique listing of restaurants and food boutiques in the Kingston Metropolitan Area and across the parishes, and provides easy access to your favourite menu for lunch, dinner or snacks.

The Menu Guide’s comprehensive listing of the bill of fare takes you on an amazing gastronomic adventure from the rustic jerk pit with the distinctive aroma and taste of jerked pork and chicken, to such native staples as rice and peas, ackee and saltfish, and for persons who prefer to go international, the journey will take you to Chinese, Indian, Japanese, French and American repasts.

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