Savour Jamaica – Due South

Food aficionados were treated to an exclusive   culinary affair at the second series of events for the Savour Jamaica Supper Club, “Due South”, held at UTECH in Kingston and Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios.

Kicking off with live jazz and blues notes courtesy of the event’s saxophonist, delicious hors d’oeuvres and specially-created Appleton and Southern Comfort cocktails, “Due South” delivered a lip-smacking journey to America’s Deep South with TV chef and Louisiana native, Brad Turner.

During her brief welcome, April Jackson, Founder of Savour Jamaica, said “We enjoyed challenging some of the culinary clichés often associated with southern fare and here we’ve taken familiar ingredients and dishes and redefined them in the most delicious way imagina-ble.”

Chef Turner, also known as The Grill Sergeant, was as entertaining as his food was delicious and guests enjoyed the complete experience, from the candle-light ambience to the crash course edu-cation on the essence of Southern food and how it paired with Wray & Nephew’s selection of wines.

The six-course menu featured such soulful favourites as the New Orleans Seafood Gumbo, the Red Beans and Rice and Southern Fried Chicken with each dish managing to showcase the best of Jamaica too with local producers Copper-wood Pork, CB Chicken and Rainforest Seafoods all contributing to full bellies –an enjoyable change to the stereotypical small plates often associated with fine dining.

Dinner ended on a high with each guest leaving with a small gift of Kelly’s Home-made Pepper Jelly bringing to close an evening where, for US$150, guests were treated to cocktails, delicious menu, entertaining evening, fine wines and first-class service delivered by the Savour Jamaica Supper Club.

A splendid night all round and there was even hope for those who missed out on the limited number of tickets that were available beforehand after Jackson said, “We are currently planning an event for a charitable cause as Savour Jamaica Supper Club is as much about enjoying the ultimate dining experience as it is about uplifting the culinary industry in Jamaica.”

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