The Magic of Chocolate

Which one would you choose: an after-din-ner aspirin or a couple of squares of dark chocolate? Chocolate is a magical and good for the heart. The antioxidants in chocolate fight free radicals, which are chemical compounds created naturally in the human body and cause disease and aging. Found in certain fruits, vegetables, and other foods, these oxidants can help slow the gaining process, and perhaps even help prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer. Dark chocolate in particular, because it contains more cocoa and is less processed, is high in antioxidants.

Other good sources include blue berries, raspberries, acacia berries, black berries and straw berries. (Just imagine what a dark chocolate dipped strawberry can do for you!) And, since doctors agree that eating small amounts of dark chocolate on a regular basis may significantly increase cardio health, there’s no reason not to enjoy a little of this favourite treat every day!

Wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven, but some combinations are definitely better than others. We have found that a wine with fruit tones can produce an outstanding ‘marriage’ with chocolate and a fantastic experience!

It’s also worth noting that semisweet chocolate works beautifully with wine: pair a Merlot with our ‘Original Sin – white Rum Truffles’ and our ‘Sexy Cherry – Cherry Liqueur’ Truffles and have friends talking about this sensual combination for weeks to come! And remember: whenever possible, avoid pairing wine with chocolate-covered nuts, as you will not enjoy the aftertaste.

For more information about chocolates created with passion and handmade with love in Jamaica, Contact Chocolate Dreams, 9 Herb McKenely Druve, Roosevelt Ave. Kingston 6, telephone 927-9574 or Shop 2 Devon House, telephone: 906-1173

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