At your Service… with Pleasure!

The enjoyment of a meal is determined as much by the taste and presentation, as well as by the quality of service, among other considerations. As a customer, it’s all too easy to forget that there is no “Genie” in the service mix, no “abracadabra” magic at work, it’s just hard-working servers, working hard at serving you. Be respectful and contribute positively to a mutually pleasant and rewarding service experience.

So if you want great service avoid these Disservices to Servers:

  1. Lack of respect. Never bark orders at your server. Extend all due respect and courtesy
  2. Demand to hurry up. Demanding to be seated, or to get your food quickly, is not only self-centered, it is rude to both the server and other customers.
  3. Ignoring the server to text or take a cell phone call. When the server is at your table, he or she deserves your
    full attention. Don’t just ignore the individual, request a return visit if
    you must.
  4. Letting your kids run wild. Do not allow your children to be too disruptive of the dining experience. Give all due attention to their manners and behaviour.
  5. Personal belongings hanging around. When you go into a restaurant with bags and packages, put them out of the way to avoid discomfort to others.
  6. Flirting. Do not indulge in flirtation with the server. It is unwelcomed and offensive
  7. Sexist, racist or off-color jokes. Avoid telling offensive jokes, no matter how funny you think they are. Keep the humor, but lose the trash.
  8. Snapping fingers. Do not ever snap your fingers to get the attention of your server. Make eye-contact or lift a finger instead.
  9. Staying at a table all night. Enjoy your meal, linger a while if you must, pay the bill, and leave to allow others to be served. To do otherwise is to be unfair to both waiting diners and servers alike
  10. Poor tippers. It’s fine to pay compliments, but no matter how many kind words you say, the tip communicates your true regard to the server. Tip generously (10-15% of the bill is standard)
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