Chefs Secrets to great Foods

Even Great Chefs will admit (coerced by compliments of course), to a secret ingredient or two that they rely on to  transform even the most ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary fare. Menu Guide  asked some  top Chefs to share their best-kept secrets. Under cover of anonymity,  some chose luxe specialty foods, others opted for familiar supermarket products, and some even went to the garden for fruits, vegetables and herbs, all used in unexpected ways. Here are some of their Secrets:

Squeeze lemon zip and zing over pasta!
Skip the salt, squeeze in half a lemon and up the ante with your pasta.

Perk up your steak with… coffee!
Mix fine coffee grounds into a spice rub for a rich, aromatic flavor.

Eggceptional eggs with… cream cheese!
Cream cheese gives the eggs a smooth texture that is irresistible.

Wake up potato salad with… Apple!
Simply add a teaspoon or two of Apple Sauce and your potato salad will come alive with flavor.

Put extra Snap and Crackle on your Chicken with… Cornflakes!
Substitute the usual breading with crushed cornflakes for a crackling-good chicken.

Stir-up a Soupa Soup with… Salad Dressing!
Stir in some salad dressing in your soup and enjoy the mouthwatering results!

Brew up a rich, full-bodied, zesty Rib with… Beer!
Pour the beer in your sauce and brush on thickly.

lnspire a sensuous, soulful sauce with… Tea!
Infuse your sauces with tea … orange, ginger, mint … for exotic flavours and aroma.

Leave Pork and chicken in a briny Pickle!
Marinate pork and chicken in the liquid from pickles for a flavourful kick.

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