My Favorite Jamaican Meal

I n a land of truly great foods it’s so hard to single out an absolute favourite Jamaican meal, The key determinant of a “favourite” for me though, is the answer to the question, “do I yearn, truly mouth-wateringly yearn for the taste again?”. What influences the answer is not just the meal itself, but the other intangibles like the “spirit” of Chef/ Cook /Server; the tone, character, “vibes” of the location; and even more importantly, the love, joy and pleasure that I can always see and taste and feel in the meal. If those are missing, so too is my delight.

But I have been blessed, as my hips will attest, with some favourite meals, like my late dear mother’s Steamed Cho-cho and Saltfish; or Veta (our former helper)’s absolutely greasy and sinfully delicious Brown-Stew Chicken; or Miss Iris’s Braised Beef Steak and Steamed Cabbage; or this other lady whose name I can’t remember, but whose
amazing Curry Goat I can easily recall and savour… meals that give me a thrill of desire at just the mere thought of them, and leaves me sated with pleasure after I have had my fill. Not unlike an erotic experience really. Which should not be a surprising metaphor, considering that food is so sensory.

Two of my recent “Favourite Meal” additions are:

Cuddy’z Ultimate Sports Bar’s thick, tender, meaty, seasoned to the juicy bone Oxtail served with white rice. Located on Dominica Drive, New Kingston, Cuddy’z is owned by the famed Jamaican / West Indies Cricketer Courtney A. Walsh, whose sportsman status inspired the sport themed Menu categories, such as – On your Mark (Starters); Soup-er-Bowl (Soups); Full Toss (Salads); Main Event (Main Courses); Substitute (Sandwiches); Benchers (Side Orders). The food is unbelievably delicious, but the Oxtail is simply the best!

Miss Madge’s (or Miss Russell)’s sweet cooking meals, such as the Rice And Peas, Stewed Pork, Fried Chicken and Escoveitched Fish… quite frankly it is hard to settle on a favourite, for every dish totally “sell off!” (excellent). 25 years of cooking up quite a stir (to judge from the daily crowd of customers at her cook- shop location ), 57 Montgomery Avenue, Kingston, has resulted in a Menu that reads like a Foodie’s Guide to Heaven, where all Good Jamaican food resides.

Miss Madge’s / Miss Russell’s Menu

  • Monday: Fried Chicken; Tripe and Beans; Chicken in Green Peas
  • Tuesday: Fricassee Chicken; Cow Foot; Stewed Pork; Fried Chicken
  • Wednesday: Stewed Beef; Curried Goat; Pumpkin Soup; Fried Chicken
  • Thursday: Cow Head, Stewed Peas with Pigs tail; Escoveitched Slice Fish; Fried Chicken
  • Friday: Fried Chicken; Curried Goat, Stewed Beef; Stewed Pork; Oxtail.
  • Saturday: Red Peas Soup (no pigs tail); Cow Foot; Curried Chicken;
    Fried Chicken
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