One Hundred

Oh my goodness ! It’s  truly the FULL 100 !!! … four dynamic social and gastronomic indulgences – Vault Gaming Lounge, The Island Bet Sports Bar, The Terrace , the Rooftop Bar – in one location – 100 Hope Road, Kingston – all set on a wide expanse of beautifully landscaped grounds, (with ample parking), amidst clear skies, mountain views, cool breezes, and gracious hospitality, ushering you to exciting, modern, chic, elegant, relaxing, cool spaces for a ( pheww !!! …) guaranteed 100 experience !

The easy breezy chic lay-out of the Terrace with its modern contemporary decor styling, invites you to step right in and indulge your senses. The Rooftop’s good vibes lure you later on, to a good time to be had by all …  and since you are on a winning streak, you could get your game on in the Vault Gaming Lounge, or double the stakes for a sure win in the Island Bet Sports Bar, with its state of the art 25-foot video wall; or you could opt for exclusivity in the Chairman’s Lounge for corporate or personal gatherings.

But even as you are ushered by gracious hostesses to your place of choice, whether at well-laid tables, comfy booths, raised perches, or cosy bar counters, it’s the food! … glorious, wondrous, heavenly food ! … that will send you into raptures, and conclusively affirm 100 as the Full Hundred!

Your epicurean palate is alive with expectations of pure delight as you munch on the signature complimentary crispy Plantain Strips and accompanying zesty pineapple slaw when you peruse the seemingly unending Menu of choice foods, all vying for your selection … the Soups, Breads, Salads, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Burgers, Fries, Dips, fine dining fare, such as Steak Au Poivre and Grilled Salmon and so much more…

But what you may well have settled on, is one of the several wickedly witty dishes featuring Jamaican cuisine, (artfully created and presented with more than 100 twists), such as the beyond amazingly delicious Yardie Bread with its cheesy, ackee, mildly spicy, herbed topping, or the Zesty Roasted Garlic and Callaloo Dip … See ya, it nice, it nice, it nice can’t done ! … and indeed the portions are so generously hearty, that you are allowed to savour every scrumptious bite to complete and utter bellyfull satisfaction!

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