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The gastronomy of Japan is so unique and spectacular that it has inspired people all around the world to rethink what and how they cook, serve and eat.  Indeed, Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi, has now become immensely popular throughout the world and no country more so than right here on the “rock”, Jamaica.

So it is no surprise therefore that when ROE opened two years ago, and “roll-ed” out its abundance of gastronomical delights to diners eager to embrace and/or explore Japanese fare, it coursed its way right through the stomach to the hearts of so many people, and has sustained their interest ever since.

Located in the urban chic Sovereign North Complex , 29 Barbican Road, Kingston, ROE’s multi-cultural dining mix of casual, fine dining and delivery, extends beyond Kingstonians, to Jamaican residents across the Island, and visitors from the wider international community. The elements of sushi – freshness, seasonality, texture and flavour, so emblematic of Japanese cuisine, and the unique “ROE-fusion” of the best of Jamaican foods, has distinguished ROE as an excellent meal destination of choice for the whole family.

From sushi and beyond, to hot and cold beverages, including their signature high-end loose-leaf teas,(exclusive to ROE), and/or the delectable selection of desserts, including the “best Rum Cake in the Island” (so the rave reviews affirm), ROE dishes up world-class service, and excellent fare, to satisfy the most discerning palates, and the strictest budgets.

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