Wine is Hot

The fastest growing beverage category in the US today is wine…in fact, the Americans have overtaken the French with their per capita consumption of wine and of course, what happens in the United States reflects on us here in Jamaica.

What does that mean for us…wine sales are growing and the category is hot. But what are people drinking? They are drinking white blends, moscato, red blends and sparkling wines!

White varietals such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Moscato are increasingly popular and the trend to blending red varietals together and leaving a little higher than normal residual sugar in the wine is making red wine appealing to more and more consumers.

Brands such as Hardys with its recent introduction of Moscato and Pink Moscato have energized their portfolio. The strength of Robert Mondavi and its wide varietal range and strong brand name continues to deliver easy drinking wines to be enjoyed every day. Primal Roots red blend answered the need for a medium-bodied wine with bold fruit and soft tannins and is a delight to enjoy.  Sperone’s Moscato Rose’s sexy packaging and refreshingly fruity taste make it a hit with consumers.

Of course, wine is the ideal beverage with food and there is a wine for every palate, every occasion and every budget. So next time you visit your local restaurant enjoy a glass or bottle of wine with your meal or when next you visit your local supermarket, look out for the Select Brands Ambassadors who will guide you through your purchase.

I’m pleased to say most restaurants are upgrading their wine offerings and service. If you don’t see it ask for it.

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